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If we click “communication” in Google, we get  1,290 million entries in 0.27 seconds. Seems like lots of gurus keep making contributions to make life even more difficult for marketing professionals.

Internet is a disruptive force that has thrown a wrench into what was already a fairly complicated existence. We are now told that, aside from the traditional marketing mix, we need to have “conversations” with our clients. That we must have a presence in Facebook, and Tuenti, or Twitter, in all sorts of chats, forums, or blogs. But after investing much time and effort in digital campaigns we often see that we are unable to quantify the impact of these initiatives. And after the initial noise, the resulting echoes end up lost in cyberspace. (Anyone remember Second Life?).

But, in reality, the basic principles of communication have not changed.

If we have a good product or service, if we take care of our customers -specially our most frequent or loyal users, and if we are capable of communicating why we are different or better than our competitors- it should’t matter whether we are off or online. If we can establish preferences we will help our business grow. As always, we must be capable of effectively positioning, segmenting, and reaching our target.

Communication must be kept simple. We must be capable of understanding research, tendencies, opinions and data and turn it all into actionable information. Reaching the final client with a message that is simple, interesting, relevant and visual. That’s why every now and then we need to reboot what we are doing and go back to basics. Clients do not buy because of complex brand affinities or “engagement”. They buy because our product or service solves their need better, or is faster, or more reliable or cheaper than competition.

Let’s leave aside awareness scores, number of clicks, or followers. Let’s stay focused on effectiveness, return on investment, and general (and measurable) business increases. Be it on or offline.

by Antonio Sanz

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